Clear Your Space for Windows October Update

This October, Windows will deliver the new updates to its users and you might want to consider cleaning up your space for it.

Mircosoft has already warned the users that if they lack space when installing the update, the computer can simply crash and stop working. This issue is rather concerning for the users whose device initially do not have much of embedded space, the so-called “thin users”.

The updates to Windows 10 have been delivered to the users throughout the year and usually required not that much space. The October Update, on the other hand, will need 10 GB of available space! Microsoft is worried that if the system initially has about 32 GB, the user might not even understand he does not have enough storage.

Clear Your Space for Windows October Update

A typical user will believe that the system will check how much space it has before installing the update and warn to free more space. However, it does not do that! It initializes the updates automatically.

The first thing you should really do is to check how much is available for you. Then clear some space to make sure to leave enough space for the update. Look through the software you don’t use, the content and data you don’t find useful anymore. The company calls it “a regular regiment of system maintenance” meaning you need to get rid of the files you don’t need regularly. Empty the recycle bin and uninstall apps you don’t currently use.

Another piece of advice is to transfer your photos or any other important data to a USB thumb drive or HDD. This will be a great relief in case your Windows crashes during the upgrade or will become the required free space on your laptop.

Check out the official website to discover more tips and even step-by-step instructions on how to survive this upgrade.

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