12 Secrets of IOS 12

The new iOS 12 has recently landed. It is mostly focused on general improvements of the device’s performance but still has lots of new interesting features. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

3D Touch is your shortcut to other features. For instance, press hard on the Camera icon = you will be able to scan QR code. Press hard on the Notes icon = you will be able to scan the documents.

AirPods now let the users hear better. Turn on Live Listen and all the voices will be enhanced.

Apple Music searches for the songs by its lyrics now. There is no more need to panic if you keep singing a line from a song you don’t know. The App will find it for you.

The new iOS finally lets you set up two Face IDs. Simply go to your Face ID Setting and choose an Alternate Appearance.

In order to close the apps, you just need to swipe up (while earlier you needed to tap a tiny red button for each open app).

Hold the space bar on the keyboard and you’ll open a trackpad.

The messages were improved in several ways. Your Animojis became more flexible. In addition, your iOS now scans the texts and copies logins and passwords.

12 Secrets of IOS 12

It’s easier to reach Facetime audio and video options from the contact list. The lock screen finally has a shortcut icon to Do Not Disturb.

From now on Siri will give you some smart suggestions, look for your devices. Moreover, you can change the voice to your preference and reach Siri in the low power mode.

Another new feature is great for people on the go. Voice memos will record your tips.

The camera got the feature Parity which supports various stickers and filters.

See your smartphone from a different perspective exploring the new additions.

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