Rowkin Ascent Charge is a Decent Alternative for Wireless Charging AirPods

While the loyal Apple fans have been waiting for the wireless charging earphones, the company focused on a different direction. Now the users are not sure the new Airpods are coming any time soon and start looking for a proper alternative.

Rowkin got this first and released the Rowkin Charge+. This system charges Qi-enabled case automatically when it lands on it.

There is no need to worry about these earbuds. The cords won’t get tangled. You just grab and go. Totally hustle-free.

How do they operate? When you get the earbuds from the case, they automatically turn on and connect to the device they were paired last. In order to achieve the stereo sound, they connect to each other, too. The users praise the sound of quality and the ease of using them.

After you are done using them, you simply put them back in the case and see whether it has enough battery to recharge them or you need to leave them on the charging mat.

Rowkin Ascent Charge is a Decent Alternative for Wireless Charging AirPods

The biggest fear of most people is a chance to lose them during activities. For this reason, the manufacturer has an interesting feature. The companion app keeps track of each earbud and tells you where was the last time they were together. How convenient is that?

In addition, the battery life is enough to last more than 3 hours. Unless you are running a marathon, you’ll be quite satisfied with its life.

The Charge and the Micro are able to charge your pair of earbuds 15 times each. However, Micro holds the charge longer than its counterpart.

On the other hand, the Charge can also juice up your smartphone (if you have a type-C charger).

Anyway, the price is affordable and if you are looking for alternative options, this one is definitely worth your attention.

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